Leverage Social Media the Authentic Way – Five Important Tips

These are some excellent tips by Ben Farkas of Social Fresh that should inspire us to always use the power and leveraging capabilities of social media to drive market share. The Empowered Entrepreneurial Magnets
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The Importance of Building Authentic Social Media Realtionships

Note how Mark Schaefer clearly defines the importance of creating authentic social media relationships when building your business. This applies both in the offline and online space. Networking through these techniques not only establishes your credibility, but can aid in decreasing the noisome spamming. The Empowered Entrepreneurial Magnets
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Waiting to Implement Your Real Estate Marketing Blueprint Will Prevent Success

You have made your list.  You have made it actionable.  You know your strategy.  You have your target niche in mind.  What are you waiting for?  Procrastination yields doubt and confusion, simply said.  Too often those who delay implementing their action plans end up with no action at all, or at best minimal action. Do [...]
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Three Keys to Developing an Empowering Real Estate Marketing Plan

Real Estate agents understand the importance of formulating a marketing plan for success, but how many clearly understand how to create one?  How many real estate agents understand the niche they wish to target?  How many real estate agents understand the importance of developing a 90-day, 6 month, 1 year, & 5 year plan [...]
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Is Your Real Estate Marketing Really “Out on a Limb”?

Most real estate brokers do not understand the importance of a properly developed and actionable marketing plan, nor do they market themselves in a profitable fashion.  There has long been a theory, (probably quite accurate) that 5% of real estate agents make 95% of the income.  Which percentage [...]
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