3 Savvy Marketing Techniques For Realtors That Create Success

Does this statistic sound familiar?  Five percent of realtors make ninety-five percent of the money.  It is true and I am going to share with you three savvy but very simple ways to consistently become a part of that five-percentile group.  Three solid techniques that you can begin to apply today to change the face of your business.

Cancel your credit card subscription to the “Push Marketing” plan

Push marketing is a technique long held by realtors, as well internet-marketers and sales people of all venues.  It is a technique where the sales or marketing individual builds out a platform that they believe is in the client’s best interest.  For example, Mr. Jones, a realtor with Super Saver Real Estate is preparing a list of properties for the Beck family.  The Becks are Gen-Y first time buyers.  Mr. Jones has done a fair amount of research and is prepared to meet the Beck family.  Mr. Jones feels confident that he has prepared a good variety of properties to show the Becks and feels confident that he will be able to convince them to write an offer on one of these properties.

Mr. Jones has completely missed a very key point in the new age of marketing.  He has done his due diligence with the idea that he has the perfect property for the Becks.  Mr. Jones has not taken into consideration that his clients are extremely internet-savvy.  They have grown up surfing the web.  They have done extensive research into the various areas that they might want to make their purchase and know exactly what they want.  In fact, they have printed out a number of properties that fit their exact criteria.  They appreciate what Mr. Jones has done, but they do not like his style of “pushing” them toward what he feels is best for them.  (Old School Sales)

The best strategy for realtors is to be the conduit for the consumer.  Realtors should be using principles of “attraction” or “pull marketing”.  There is nothing unique or secretive any longer in our information age.  Consumers know what they want.  They are coming prepared and informed, often times more so than the agent.  It is time that realtors should focus on building the trust relationship with the consumer.  This is paramount to fostering long-term success…to becoming a part of that five-percentile.

Be Present in the Moment and Listen

Have you ever been talking to someone and notice that they are looking all around while they are talking to you?  Worse yet, have you been talking to someone and they appear to be fractionally “zoning out”?  In other words, they are not “present”.

One of my mentors in the expert space, Melanie Duncan, told us of an experience she had with another one of our mentors in the expert space, Brendon Burchard.  Melanie was at Brendon’s live event with many other entrepreneurs.  She got a chance to speak for a few moments with Brendon and relayed to us how “present” he was when he spoke to her.  It was like there was no one else in the room except the two of them.  That is being “present in the moment”.

Being “present” is taken one step further by being a great listener.  Realtors, as a whole, are fairly good listeners.  Being a great listener includes looking for subtle clues like changes in body language along with paying close attention to the dynamic between a couple.  Being sensitive to these clues will play a key role in helping the consumer prepare to move forward in a transaction

Follow-up and Follow Through

The biggest complaints that I hear from consumers are; “My agent did not follow-up with certain aspects of the transaction”.  I have also frequently heard; “as soon as the transaction was completed, we never heard from them again”.  Follow-up and follow through are not knew techniques, however they are aspects that are all too frequently left to assistants, partners, or worse yet…no one.

You can have a transaction with numerous challenges.  With proper follow-up and follow through, it is rare that the consumer will not refer you future business.  In fact the opposite is true.  Consumers are very savvy.  They understand that not all transactions will go smoothly, but the successful and savvy realtor will laser focus on making sure the consumer is well informed and well connected.

Three savvy marketing techniques that will improve your level of business success in a powerful way.  Mastering these empowering techniques will enable you to join the five-percentile.

In Success & Empowerment

Martin Casper,

Commercial Real Estate – Windermere Rogue Valley Real Estate

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  • http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan Cooper

    I had ti laugh because what you describe is not always limited to realtors, there are a plethora of sale professionals who suffer from the same affliction. It would interesting the take a look at those industries as well, don’t you think?. :-D

  • http://www.Empower2Go.com Martin Casper

    Agreed. It kinda reminds me of the “auto-correct” that we see on our IPHONES or when certain browsers think they are smarter than you. You kinda wish they would just go away…:-)

  • http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan Cooper

    Indeed… LOL. :-)

  • http://virtualadmintogo.com/ Elizabeth Scott


    These are great tips for anyone!! I believe some people strive for success but fail to reach it because of these exact things. How are you supposed to know what your clients need if you are not “in the moment” and listening? That is a vital skill to have. :-)

  • http://www.Empower2Go.com Martin Casper

    Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth. It is so true and so many miss the boat because of not being “present”.