Build a Real Business. Avoid the S.O.S (Shiny Object Syndrome)

It is interesting to see people bloviating on Facebook and other social media sites about the latest, greatest business opportunity.  How many times have you seen some of your friends or colleagues getting caught up in the Shiny Object Syndrome (S.O.S.)?  Do you tend to get caught up in the hype as well?  You are not alone.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research into various techniques to build your business and your brand in the most effective way.  One of the guest authors for Copyblogger, Georgina El Morshdy, wrote an article entitled “30 Ways to Build the ‘Know, Like, and Trust’ Factor that Grows an Audience”.  This is an excellent article that takes you through ten ways to get known, followed by ten ways to build likeability, and culminated by ten factors that build trust.  Here are just three of many cues she gives for success; “Build relationships, be authentic, and be consistently good”.  I would highly suggest that you take a few minutes to read the entire article and focus on what techniques and strategies that you need to incorporate into your business strategy to break through for success.

Do you have your marketing plan developed and are you actively engaging the plan.  A close friend and colleague of mine, Kenneth Manesse Sr., of 3 Dimensional Life, gives very good advice for micro-entrepreneurs.  Kenneth says that you need to “Plan the work and work the plan”.  That is a pretty simple but very effective strategy that works.  I use this strategy each and every day.  Do you?  I would love to hear what types of strategies you are using.  Is your marketing plan “task-specific” or is it more “goal-specific”?  What has worked for you in the past and do you see it working for you in the future?

How are you building your “Know, Like and Trust Factor”?  Are you using common sense ways to attract an audience or are you a person that bloviates on social media sites about the latest business opportunity?  I challenge each marketer to take a few minutes or take all day…sit down and re-evaluate how you are building your business.  Sometimes taking a step back can be one of the most empowering strategies you can employ because it is a surefire way to avoid the hype and potential embarrassment of the Shiny Object Syndrome.

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  • Susan Cooper

    I do have a plan and I do try to work that plan everyday. As far as the shinny object syndrome is concerned, It is something I work hard to avoid… but I do like shinny objects… LOL

  • Martin Casper

    Those kinds of S.O.S. sound expensive…LOL

  • Susan Cooper

    They can be… LOL.