Visual Media Beats Text, So How Will You Capitalize?

The world of communication is rapidly changing.  Out with the old and in with the new; Infographics, Pictures, Video.  These are the new wave of media.  They are taking the speed of communication to a new level.

In 1921, the acclaimed author, Frederick R. Barnard published a piece in Printer’s Ink commending the effectiveness of graphics in advertising with the title; “One look is worth a thousand words”. Barnard claimed the phrase’s source to be oriental by adding the caption; “so said a famous Japanese philosopher, and he was right”.  Printer’s Ink printed another form of the phrase in March 1927, this time suggesting a Chinese origin.  Chinese proverb; “One picture is worth ten thousand words”.

In an age where we’re continually being bombarded with information, visual content can quickly engage prospects in ways that text can’t.   This is a classic case of “less is more”.

Simple & Less Complicated – Complex and critically involved material can often be presented more simply through visuals.  A common example is the “quick setup guide” your LED television came with.  Use the same concept for anything from a benefits map to a complex manufacturing process.

Greater Emotional Responses – Although a novel can really speak to your inner emotions, marketers don’t have that kind of time to elicit such an emotional response. Visual content can do it in an instant, and connect it with the company’s brand.

More Social Sharing – On Facebook as well as Pinterest, photos & images are shared more often than status updates or links, and videos are shared more than photos

More Channels to Carry & Share – Not only is visual content shared more often, but there are quite a few channels to leverage that support only visual content, such as; Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo.

More Memorable – Studies have shown that, especially over the long-term, we remember images better than words.  Here is why; unlike text, the effect is magnified with each viewing.

Better SEO Ranking – While top rankings for competitive keywords can be elusive, having relevant visual content provides an opportunity for high rankings in the image and video search results.

If you are passionate about getting your message out to more people, in more ways, in a more rapid fashion, then promote your message through empowering ways such as images, pictures and video.  Make your influence known.

The question you have to ask yourself is; “How will I capitalize on what I have learned”?

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  • Susan Cooper

    Here here. Very well said. I hope to create podcasts of my stories this year. Wish me luck. :)

  • Donna Merrill

    Thank you Martin,
    Yes, we are going more visual these days and need to keep up with the flow if we are marketers. Since Google had made revisions on the pictures we share on our posts, I have been taking my own. One day as I was looking for images to put on my Facebook, I seen mine! They were linked to my blog! What a hoot. Who knew?

    What I’m paying more attention to lately is putting a video in my blog. It can be one to three minutes…that’s all it takes. It not only improves ranking, but I get so much feedback from my readers. “Oh Donna I like your hair” Stuff like that. And this makes relationship building great!

    Thanks for your words of wisdom!
    Donna Merrill

  • Mandy Allen

    It’s really interesting to read this, Martin, as I have been talking to a few people recently about the power of visual posts, whether that is video or good use of images. With video in particular you are attracting a whole different set of visitors, similarly if you create a podcast of your post it attracts people who don’t want to spend time reading.

    Enjoy the journey.


  • Martin Casper


  • Martin Casper

    Video is so important and that is one thing that I will be rocking the house with this year. I have not spent near the time with video that I should. Priority #1.

  • Martin Casper

    Great thoughts Mandy and thanks. We are truly a visual society and the more we have the more we desire. It seems almost addictive in nature.

  • Adrienne

    I would definitely agree with you Martin because I’ve always been more of a visual person. I love to read and listen to audio’s but my eyes gravitate more toward images and I learn better through videos.

    I know not everyone is like that but for the most part I would have to say the majority. I’m tried to convince some of my blogging friends who refuse to add photos to their posts that they’re making a grave error.

    Thanks for sharing this history with us as well.


  • Martin Casper

    Adrienne…we are a visual culture. It is interesting to note how long it has taken, given the visual nature of society, to really embrace video, images and pictures within the online world.

  • Viola Tam

    Hi Martin,

    GREAT tips about “less is more”. This is what my business coach says too!

    Visual is going to be very powerful as people tend to like images and videos. To be honest, I hate to be in front of the computer. I love learning through webinars and videos. I tend to be able to ‘get’ the message with additional visual clues.

    I did not know that the relevance of images also matters. Thanks! What about the number of images? Say, in a blog, does it matter if we have just one image per post or several per post?

    I will be introducing videos into my blog too. Thanks for your insights. I have also picked up great tips from Donna too :)

    Viola The Business Mum

  • Martin Casper

    Hey Viola…Donna Merrill is a great resource. pay close attention to what she writes about. All things in balance. Too many images could possible be construed as spammy. That being said, I would not hesitate to have 2-3 images per post. You can also create animated videos on Powtoon or take PPT slides and make them into a video on Animoto.